BTC Advantage

What is BTCAdvantage?

BTCAdvantage is a donation exchange platform where members voluntarily give donations and receive donations on monthly. BTCAdvantage is a Person to Person, Direct Funding and Donation Sharing Platform. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, etc.

How does BTCAdvantage work?

When you join BTCAdvantage you join a community of like-minded members who are interested in donating to each other. You get the opportunity to willingly donate monthly to the members who invited you to become a member and you in turn can get willing donations from people you invite to become members

How do I join BTCAdvantage?

Ask the person who invited you to provide you with their own unique invite link. Use that link to sign up.

Is BTCAdvantage available worldwide?

Yes, BTCAdvantage is available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to donate and to get donations.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes you can but it is strongly recommended that you do not stack them. For example, you create another personal account under your first account. This is considered stacking. This is an unethical practice.

Are there any refunds?

No, there are no refunds, donations are given freely and willingly. BTCAdvantage has no control over the donations transfered between members.

I don't have a bitcoin wallet where do I go to open a bitcoin wallet.

The only places we highly recommend you go get a Bitcoin wallet is at or

What does the "due date" mean in the back office?

It is the date your next payment for that level is due.

Do we only upgrade to the next level after 1 calendar month?

You should upgrade to the next level the moment you are able to so that you don't miss out on donations coming to you for those levels.

Do we only upgrade to the next level after 1 calendar month?

You should upgrade to the next level the moment you are able to so that you don't miss out on donations coming to you for those levels.

Are you allowed to upgrade even though your level is not filled up eg to be on level 3 you must have 8 downline, does that mean you have to get exactly 8 before upgrading to level 4?

You can upgrade at any time, the sooner you are able to the sooner you know you will not miss out on any donations.

Where do I get the option to switch between 2 & 4 direct downlines I saw that in the forum but when  look under setting I do not see that option.

I've removed that option for the moment, we may add it again later as the matrix fills up.

Is it possible for downlines to upgrade to your upline instead of you if you're not on that level yet?

Everyone can have their own unique experience in the system. It is best to upgrade the moment you are able to. If you don't you will miss donations for the levels you have not upgraded to if there are members below you on those levels who upgrade fast.

When will two people be assigned to me? I was under the impression that as each person (which has grown since I joined)  joins they are assigned under each person and so forth under my level?

YOU will need to find your own two people to join you and you can then help them find their 2 people to grow your team.

Isn't this like a pyramid scheme?

Well a pyramid scheme means that only the top members of the hierarchy get paid whereas BTCAdvantage allows every member to earn the same amount by doing the same amount of work. You can receive more donations than the person who signed you up.

Do we have to donate 0.02btc every month?

Yes, you donate for each level every month if you want to receive donations from each level every month.

When using the hash id to submit proof of donation the system says Hash ID already used?

You can either leave the upgrade page and check back in if you are upgraded or ensure that you only use a wallet vendor that do their transactions through the blockchain.

Can I use the same IP address to help my team to open accounts for multiple people?

Yes you may as long as you don't stack accounts.

What happens if I don't make my monthly donation?

If your monthly donations are in arrears, for any level that you have upgraded to, then the donations that would have come to you, for that particular level, will bypass you and go up to your level 1 upline, if they are qualified. For example: If someone on your level 3, in your matrix, is either upgrading to level 3 or is making their monthly donation for level 3, if you are qualified, you will receive that donation. If you are not yet on level 3 or you are in arrears on your level 3 monthly subscription, the donation will bypass you and go to your level 1 upline, if they are qualified to receive a level 3 donation, meaning they are already on level 3 and they are current with their level 3 monthly donations. It works the same way with the regular upgrades and the monthly subscriptions... so don't get skipped!


The platform is made available World-Wide, free of charge.

There are No Admin fees.

BTCAdvantage is a Person-To-Person Direct Donation Platform.

The system was designed in such a way that it can be used by Fundraisers, such as Charities, Schools, Clubs, non-profits, family, and personal financial needs etc.

The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s Bitcoin Wallet to another member’s Bitcoin


What is OneCoin?

OneCoin Limited is a global company with key markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. With worldwide operations, the company has opened offices in Europe, Hong Kong and the UAE. Its commitment to growth has led to fast expansion due to its vision, management team, innovative business concept and business strategy. Since its launch, OneCoin has created a community of millions of miners.

By acquiring an educational package, each client gets access to a respective subject of study and the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge in financial markets, cryptocurrency, trading and investing. The educational packages are developed in partnership with university professors and presented through the OneAcademy platform.

A global provider of financial services, OneCoin helps its miners to make payments easier and faster by providing education and simplifying cryptocurrency. You neither need a server to mine OneCoins nor a bank account nor an escrow agent in order to make payments anymore. You only need a OneCoin account and a laptop, tablet or a phone. Everyone can transfer money with OneCoin.

OneCoin gives instant access to easier, faster, safer and low cost financial services. OneCoin can process your transfer in a minute from any part of the world to another. And most importantly – mining the coin, transferring money and making payments with OneCoin is absolutely safe.

What happens when I join OneCoin?

When you open OneCoin account, you receive e-mail verification, confirming your registration as a client. We also automatically create an e-wallet for you. As a company that offers different services, we allow people to join and see for themselves how our business works. This however does not grant access to all products and services. If a client wants full access to all OneCoin's offers, then s/he must go through a KYC application process. Because of our centralized model, we take care of all technical aspects, ensuring that your mined coins are safe.

How does it work?

To use OneCoin cryptocurrency you need to create an account at OneCoin. This happens by invitation from another miner, thus you become a part of the OneLife Network global community. You are supported by our education platform via OneAcademy, by your OneLife Network and by the Support department.

You need to decide what your business objective is when creating an account at OneCoin - to benefit from our learning platform, to mine the coin, etc. Besides mining the coin, you can also make payments and transfer money from any part of the world fast, easy and safely.

What is OneCoins market capitalization?

Calculate the market capitalization of OneCoin: Number of mined coins multiplied by market price.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain is a digital technology for recording and verifying transactions. It is a key concept behind innovations related to cryptocurrencies in general, and OneCoin in particular.

The blockchain was first introduced as an alternative mechanism for the trust between two parties that make transactions that differentiated it from the way traditional institutions like banks or escrow agents processed payments.

Most recently the blockchain is considered a powerful tool that can provide new products and services, and improve traditional ones. The number of financial institutions and firms across industries that are using the distributed ledger technology as a secure and transparent way to digitally track the ownership of assets is constantly increasing. This is a move that helps companies to speed up transactions and cut cross border remittances while lowering the risk of fraud.

At OneCoin, we are able to execute your transactions in a minute thanks to the powerful blockchain – a technological innovation that stores cryptocurrencies. The OneCoin blockchain is based on protocols that authenticate, validate and store information in consistent, unbroken sequences. This guarantees that the system is safer by reducing fraud, duplicity and forgery. OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency company both storing KYC documents on its blockchain and performing a monthly audit of its blockchain

What is a cryptocurrency?

Like fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies function as a medium of exchange. Because it is based on cryptography, cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit. Cryptography protocols are used to make transactions safe and to control the process of new coin creation.

OneCoin cryptocurrency is not pre-mined, meaning that the miners create the market. OneCoin is easy to mine, easy to trade and easy to use. Thanks to the way OneCoin has structured its organization and operations, all mined coins are safe and cannot get lost because of a technical issue.

Because cryptocurrencies are not tied to any particular country or central bank, the value of the coin depends on factors such as useability, demand and supply. Therefore they are often compared to gold, hence called 'virtual gold'. The more a cryptocurrency is used, the more its value rises. With its millions of followers, OneCoin has quickly become the second largest in the world with a market cap of 2,9 Billion in February 2016.

Because of market specifics, Asian customers became early adopters of cryptocurrencies, recognizing their advantages such as making payments directly, without the need of expensive or unsafe intermediaries. Contrary to bank transactions, OneCoin offers faster, cheaper and easier way to send and receive money worldwide.

What is One Ecosystem?

Since its establishment in 2014, OneCoin is dedicated to have a coin for mass use in line with its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone. To fulfill our promise to the growing community using OneCoin cryptocurrency, we started creating an ecosystem around the coin.

We are proud to say that our clients can choose between a growing number of OneCoin products in the areas of education, investments, payments, exchange, business app solutions, trading and investing, entertainment and games, and more.

What is One Academy?

OneAcademy is an innovative e-learning platform covering a broad range of financial topics including trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and more. Our mission is to provide our students with the guidance and educational materials they need to achieve financial literacy. Our 6-level program, developed by finance experts and academics, is highly-structured and easy to understand. Learn at your own pace and be part of the future of global finance.

What is OneLife Network?

OneLife Network is a network-marketing company with a strong mission to deliver engaging and life-changing products. We inspire our members through strong leadership and education on a full spectrum of team-building initiatives. Our Independent Marketing Associates are rewarded for their efforts in building a strong affiliated sales force through one of the industries most easy and dynamic compensation plans. The OneLife Network has the chance to mine the coin, use the coin and benefit from both the value of the coin and the wide rage of available OneCoin products.

Do I need any special software to mine?

No, you just sign up on the mining dashboard on the exchange in your back office.

What is the algorithm of OneCoin?

OneCoin is not an ALTCOIN – this means we do NOT use the Bitcoin algorithm with small changes. We decided to use a custom made solution, which has elements of script and x11.

What is KYC?

KYC means know-your-customer. OneCoin uses KYC in order to prevent money laundering, identity theft, financial fraud and terrorist financing, thus disrupting any possible misconduct by its clients.

Why does OneCoin implement KYC?

By requesting documentation that proves the identity of each client, OneCoin makes sure that each transfer made using the protocol is not anonymous. Since global business opportunities demand a sophisticated international customer identification and verification solution, the KYC policy adopted by OneCoin includes identifying the customer and verifying the identity by examining reliable and independent documents.

All submitted documents of identity and details remain confidential. Each client must go through a verification procedure every time his or her identity information is changed.

The KYC information requested includes their name, residential address and date of birth/country, as provided to OneCoin upon account registration.

What is OnePay?

OnePay is a unique electronic store value account solution for easily accessing and transferring funds electronically. Also known as e-wallet, the payment platform is automatically created for each client from the first day they join OneCoin. Accessible from any location in the world, the world-wide payment network, proprietary payment platform and global payment solutions ensure payees that they receive their funds in a timely and cost-effective manner. OnePay is a trusted payments technology and a service provider to top-tier organizations across multiple industries. Payees enjoy the benefits of quickly receiving their funds and the ability to choose payment methods that are most convenient for them, including local bank direct deposit, branded prepaid cards and more.

  • I am trying to set up my OnePay Account. I don't know the password and when I select forgot password I am not receiving my password.

Please make sure you are using the email that you entered during the OneCoin account registration, please also check your spam folder.