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BTC Advantage

Is a platform with an automated direct donations Person to Person (P2P) in Bitcoins, it operates globally and is fully accessible to anyone interested in improving their economic situation on the basis of the Single Investment Pocket 0.02 BTC (approximately $ 23 USD). Its operation is based on direct voluntary donations BTC among participants on a monthly basis, which means that once the account is activated and performed a simple job on the basis of the marketing plan system, the Participant BTC Advantage takes advantage of donating and receive money, month after month permanently, while staying active - in BTC Advantage is like having a paycheck, but working for yourself.


Matrix Operation 2x5

Level Nº of Persons We Donate We Receive
Level 1 2 0.02BTC 2 x 0.02BTC = 0.04BTC
Level 2 4 0.026BTC 4 x 0.026BTC = 0.104BT
Level 3 8 0.056BTC 8 x 0.056BTC = 0.448BTC
Level 4 16 0.2BTC 16 x 0.2BTC = 3.2BTC
Level 5 32 0.93BTC 32 x 0.93 BTC = 29.76

For example:

Level 1

You receive 2 payments of 0.02 BTC = 0.04 BTC and you make a payment of 0.02 BTC

Level 2

You receive 4 payments of 0.026 BTC = 0.104 BTC and you make a payment of 0.026 BTC

Level 3

You receive 8 payments of 0.053 BTC = 0.424 BTC and you make a payment 0.053 BTC

Level 4

You receive 16 payments of 0.20 BTC = 3.20 and make a payment 0.20 BTC

Level 5

You receive 32 payments of 0.93 BTC = 29.760 BTC and you make a payment 0.93 BTC

That is already without limit and without obligations. There are no monthly payments, each repaying only after receiving the total earnings of each level.

For each repayment the credits for your ads are received again.

BTC Advantage performance and earnings:


We start by paying 0.020 BTC of Level 1 (Bronze). You can post a text ad and a banner ad and you receive 2500 credits to run your ads. Each credit means a visit to your ad.


Level 1. Bronze

You receive two payments when your first 2 referrals are activated in Level 1 (Bronze).
2 x 0.020 BTC = 0.040 BTC directly to your bitcoin wallet and you can now go up to Level 2 (Silver) by paying 0.026 BTC. You get an text ad and one banner ad and 5000 more credits.
You will now have 2 text ads and 2 banner ads and your profit in bitcoin will be 0.014 BTC.


Level 2. Silver

You receive four payments from the 4 members who are on your second level when they activate Level 2 (Silver).
4 x 0.026 BTC = 0.104 BTC directly to your bitcoin wallet and you can now go up to Level 3 (Gold) by paying 0.056 BTC. You get 2 text ads, 2 banner ads and 3000 more credits.
You will have 4 text ads and 4 banner ads and your profit in bitcoin will be 0.014 BTC + 0.048 BTC = 0.062 BTC.


Level 3. Gold

You receive 8 payments from the 8 members who are in your third level when they are activated in Level 3 (Gold).
8 x 0.053 BTC = 0.424 BTC directly to your bitcoin wallet and you can now go up to Level 4 (Platinum) by paying 0.20 BTC. You get 4 text ads, 4 banner ads and 4000 more credits.
You will have 8 text ads and 8 banner ads and your profit in bitcoin will be 0.014 BTC + 0.048 BTC + 0.224 BTC = 0.286 BTC.


Level 4. Platinum

You receive 16 payments from the 16 members who are in your fourth level when they are activated in Level 4 (Platinum).
16 x 0.20 BTC = 3.20 BTC directly to your bitcoin wallet and you can go up to Level 5 (Emerald, the last level) by paying 0.93 BTC. You get 2 text ads, 2 banner ads and 6000 more credits. You will have 10 text ads, 10 banner ads and your gain in bitcoin will be 0.014 BTC + 0.048 BTC + 0.224 BTC + 2.27 BTC = 2.556 BTC.


Level 5. Emerald

You receive 32 payments from the 32 members who are in your fourth level when they are activated in Level 5 (Emerald).
32 x 0.93 BTC = 29.760 BTC directly to your bitcoin wallet. Your profit in bitcoin will be 0.014 + 0.048 + 0.224 + 2.27 + 29.760 BTC = 32.316 BTC
From now on you don´t have to pay more to level up. You can make repayments with the same people who are in your network.



KCN BTC advantage

Step 1

Open a free account at to get the address of your personal bitcoin wallet. Enter at least 0.021 BTC in your wallet.


Step 2

In your BTC ADVANTAGE account, click on the left menu "My Money". It opens and click on "Bitcoin Wallet" and follow the steps to add your address of bitcoin in which you will receive the Donations.


Step 3

In your BTC ADVANTAGE account, click on the left menu"My Money". It opens and click on "Upgrade" to make a donation of 0.02 BTC to your sponsor. Copy the bitcoin address of your sponsor. Make the payment in your wallet and follow the steps to place the "ID Has" of the transaction and the exact amount of the donation. Now your account is activated at the Bronze Level.


Step 4

Once your account is activated you receive free credits to publish your business or products.Click menu on the left "Ads". You will see two options, "Text Ads" and "Banner Ads", where you can place your text ad or banner following all the steps of the page.


Step 5

Invite 2 friends to do the same and you will receive 2 donations from your first level of 0.02 BTC directly to your bitcoin wallet. You receive a total of 0.04 BTC.


Step 6

You can level up as your team grows up to level 5.
To level up press the button at the top of the page "Upgrade to next stage". Follow the steps on the page.
Each time you level up, you receive more credits for your ads.


To not lose the structure donations, it is important to activate the next level before any Affiliate Team. The following scheme is recommended
Level 1 Update to level 2 after receiving the first 2 donations
Level 2 Update to level 3 after receiving the first 2 donations
Level 3 Update to level 4 after receiving the first 4 donations
Level 4 Update to level 5 after receiving the first 5 donations

1Instant and direct Bitcoins deposits in your Blockchain wallet!

BTC Advantage offers the possibility of receiving instantly and direct Bitcoins deposits in your Blockchain wallet sent by other participants. No waiting, no intermediaries, without the worry that if you get payed or not, without risking money and starting with only 0.02 BTC (about $ 23 USD) unique investment from your pocket

2No risk of fraud or SCAM, because the money is not deposited in the company, but is sent directly from participant to participant's personal Bitcoin wallets. We use the platform for our transactions donations without even having to pay the maintenance of the website!

3Paying Donations from the Donations we receive.

The only investment from your pocket is 0.02 BTC (about $ 23 USD). This investment is fully accessible to most people and you recover completely your investment, with profits as you passe to Level 2. The remaining donations will be made only from the donations you will receive from other people who will be delighted to send money to you.

4Donations Acceptance within BTC Advantage P2P is fully automatic.

You do not have to wait for the person to manually confirm the donation received as this happens in other similar systems! Immediately after at least 1 Blockchain confirmation, regarding the transaction, the corresponding level of the Participant that sent the donation is activated!

5Huge Gains from BTC Advantage

Donations Operation System is based on its Affiliate Program, working with a Forced Matrix 2 x 5, each participant can have a maximum of 2 directs and profits are generated based on 5 levels deep. Each activated level enables larger amounts of donations that you will receive in your BTC wallet, so you start to receive 0.02 BTC in the first level and you end up getting up to 0.93 BTC of each participant in the 5th level.

6The earnings from BTC Advantage are repeated Month after month on the basis of monthly donation renewals by all levels of the created structure. Each participant is interested in making the renewal of their donations month after month, to keep receiving the donations from the down lines. The continuous promotion of the structure and the respective donations will make the project and all the structure get the maximum gains.

7Earnings of each participant in BTC Advantage are generated on the basis of teamwork based on mutual support and assistance between the Sponsors and Affiliates. Each participant when activates his account, first becomes a Member of a Sponsor, but as people start to appear in his structure (both directly invited, assigned by the system leakage, or registered by Uplines Sponsors directly from your referral link ), he becomes also a sponsor.

8In BTC Advantage there is no memberships or hidden payments.

It is a business completely ZERO RISK. It is totally legal and honest system because nothing forbids you to send money to whomever you want, or receive from those who want to send you.

 Our analise of BTC Advantage

We liked the following aspects of BTC Advantage Affiliate Program:


  • Each Participant must enroll at least 2 people, which is not difficult (there are very simple strategies to achieve without persecute anyone, we will share within the team).

  • Although each participant can have maximum 2 direct in its structure (matrix 2 x 5), which can be joined by him personally or assigned by the company itself or affiliates from any of the upline sponsors, it is important to continue enrolling more and more people in the structure, because this allows faster growth and win more money for the entire structure.

  • The Sponsor has access to the entire Affiliates structure of its 5 levels deep, including the level of his affiliates, the Upline Sponsors of each Affiliate, his referral link, allowing the sponsor to take the Affiliates referral link to register new member through it.

  • Although the fact that you join our team and you get affiliates assigned to your structure by your sponsor, doesn’t mean that you have to wait for others to do your part of the work,  you have to do your part, you cannot enter only thinking about going into business to win money without doing anything, in a real and united team like we are, every member has to contribute its share of work, even if your directs or other levels get filled by your sponsors, is your duty to invite at least 2 members personally and help the others do the same.

We are a team!


Therefore, on the basis of good work done by the entire team, we have the possibility to profit from BTC Advantage, month after month, reaching more than  31 bitcoins EVERY MONTH!! To do this we have to fill the entire matrix 2 X 5 with 62 People – And all this profit with only a single investment from your pocket  of 0.02 BTC!



Each participant who has not brought any affiliate cannot demand that others build his structure, everyone has to do his part of the work and bring at least 2 people to the team for personal reference to have the right to receive donations from others with a clear conscience! Only this way me can get good results in a short period of time with BTC Advantage, because the speed and frequency of the donations we are receiving only depends of every one of us!

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